here is how I can help



Trauma is my area of expertise, and informs my understanding of the world. This allows us to work at the deepest levels.  Whether you’re experiencing new stresses, or are ready to address longstanding issues, psychotherapy will help us connect the dots of your history so that you can live life more effectively.


EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is an evidenced-based psychotherapy that provides a safe way to process traumatic memory and create healthy brain pathways and chemistry. It is a powerful and effective tool that’s used after we establish a safe and grounded connection together in therapy. It is non-invasive, and allows us to address previously overwhelming experiences until they are no longer disruptive. The result is increased insight, more positive thinking, and an improved sense of safety.

Psychotherapy is provided in my Illinois office, and for state residents remotely.



Hypnosis will help teach your nervous system how to experience safety when in a safe environment. It’s a good starting place to address dysregulated nervous systems for those often tense and on edge. I typically incorporate these tools right away to help you experience calm, which provides the foundation for the rest of our work.

somatic experience

Methods like movement, visualization and breath work help create healthy connections, process emotion, and work through old patterns. These techniques are helpful to release emotional and physical stress.


If you’re open to talking about your diet, medication, movement and somatic experiences, they can inform your treatment. Your physical symptoms and chronic medical needs are quite likely linked to your mental wellbeing. With your permission, I will coordinate care with your medical professionals and other healthcare providers.



Your natal chart (the astrological chart on the day you were born) provides a window into your soul. A reading can be an eye-opening experience that allows you to see yourself in a comprehensive light. Using data gleaned from the Universe we can help you navigate life transitions. It provides an empowering look at what’s coming, and gives you insight to prepare for it.

energy work & theta healing

Energy work allows us to connect to a spiritual source to address emotional issues on a spiritual level. You’ll learn how to attune yourself to connect with your energetic fields, chakra system, and somatic experiences. This will help you begin to make sense of your physical sensations and energy level.